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Business Managem​ent Skills and Resources
for the 21st century.

Professional Assistance to Small Businesses
in the areas of Entity Formation,
Start Up Development, and Managed Growth.  

Business Start-Up Planning...

Plan your work, and work your plan.
Success in business often times is direct relation to the extent and wisdom of the planning process preceding the business launch.

What type of legal structure should the business elect? What is the market and who is the competition? What resources are going to be necessary? These and hundreds of other questions need to be addressed and answered in your “Business Plan” in order to be fully prepared to initiate and manage any viable business.

Your team, of seasoned business professionals from our firm, will assist you every step of the way. From gathering the facts and information you need to helping you in developing your stratigic “Business Plan”, which is the single most important management tool you will ever possess.

Sole Proprietorship,  Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Partnership, Non-profit Organization? Which structure is best for you?

Employer Identification Number, Subchapter S election, Form W-4, Form 941, Form 1065, …. What are your legal responsibilities to the Internal Revenue Service, other federal, state, and local governments and jurisdictions regarding the operation of your business?

Market research and analysis, sales…..“Marketing Plan”. Suppliers, Wholesalers, Branding, Distribution, Delivery….. “Products to Market Plan”.  Lines-of-Credit, 30/60/90 day factoring, investors, extended terms, supplier credit, capital infusion…..”Cash Flow Projections”.

There are a number of mission critical issues that have to be put in place in order to ensure at least a competitive chance for success in any business. We stand ready to help provide the answers you will need to put a winning business model together.
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