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Business Managem​ent Skills and Resources
for the 21st century.

Professional Assistance to Small Businesses
in the areas of Entity Formation,
Start Up Development, and Managed Growth.  

Starting an On-Line Business.

Starting an "On Line" business should begin, much like with the formulation any other form or kind of business, with a "Business Plan". (see our offerings eleswhere regarding resources on "Business Plans")

The key element in your "Plan" is, of course, what is your "Business Model?" What are you going to be offering for sale? Is it going to be a product or products or are you going to perform services?

Once you have determined just what it is that you are going to be offering for sale, then comes the task of packaging it, in such a way, that it can be ordered and paid for, on-line. 

Next comes the design and construction of an Ecommerce enabled website itself. You must, of course, begin with a "Site Plan."

From "Concept" to "Deployment" we offer turn-key service packages.
Our Webmasters and Programmers can assist you in the planning, creation, registering, design, construction and configuring of your Ecommerce website. This includes implimentinng shopping carts, inventory  controls, email servers, hyperlinks, etc. necessary for a top of the line commercial website.

And best of all, our service packages are designed with "New Small Businesses", on a tight buget, in mind.

And, once your site is up and running, our internet programming staff will assist you in maintaining your site in tip top running order. This may involve upgrades, changes, enhancements, monitoring and reports. Whatever may be necessary, to help you achieve success in your business venture.