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Professional Assistance to Small Businesses
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New Business Start-Ups

 What do you need to consider when starting up a new business?
  1. What kind of a business structure should I have?
    There are a number of different entity options available to someone starting a new business. There are positives and negatives associated with each one. But the question is.."Which is the best one for you?" That can only be determined by analyzing your particular circumstances and the nature of the business you are attempting to create. Below is a free "White Paper" resource on this subject. Hopefully it will better elaborate on the issues which should be under consideration. Feel free to contact us should you need assistance in this area.
  2. How important is a "Business Plan"?
    A "Business Plan" (at least informally) should be your first order of business. It is only through the process of gathering information, analyzing that information, and initiating a plan of action, that you transition a dream into a reality in the business world. A "Business Plan" is probably the most mission critical management tool an entrepreneur has at his/her disposal in steering a course for their business' survival and growth. Below are free "White Paper" resources on the subject of constructing and utilizing a good "Business Plan"
  3. What do I need to do to make and keep my business legal?
    Besides creating the proper business structure, and depending upon the type of business you are in, obtaining an Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number, opening a business bank account, registering with the State Income/Sales tax departments, obtaining the proper County and Municipal Vendor's and special products (liquor, cigarettes) licenses, etc. are just a few of the "Legality" questions which must be addressed in formulating a business. Below are free "White Paper" resources on this subject of making and keeping your business compliant with the law.
  4. I need to raise some money to start my business. Where can I get some capital?
    Business in the USA is based upon a concept of turning capital into profits, through the sales of products and/or services. In fact in most business models there is a direct correlation between the viability and success of a business and the amount of "Start-Up Capital" resources that business has to rely on. From "Venture Capital" to "Bridge Financing" the world of business finance and capital formation is uniquely complex. Below is a free "White Paper" resource which may provide some insight into the avenues available for raising "Start-Up Capital."
  5. I want to start an "On-Line" business. How do I set up an Ecommerce website?
    Internet sales and marketing have become a necessity in the modern world of social media and electronic commerce, especially for businesses that sell consumer products. There is another section of this website which focuses specifically with Ecommerce website construction and management. We provide "Web Master" services and resources for on-line business projects. Please check out the "Internet Marketing" section of this website.
We stand ready to assist you in your planning strategy.
Free White Papers
Below are free "White Papers" relevant to topics of starting a new business.
Business Structure
Business Plans
Keeping It Legal
Raising Business Capital and Financing.
How do I start an "On Line" business?